Hello from Middle England

and welcome to this blog!

Your host for this trip has been addicted to travel all her life. Early signs of the addiction were evident in childhood when being driven all over France so that my stepfather could do business. My first lesson in travelling futility? Sounding your horn at a departing cross channel ferry does not mean that it will turn around and come back for you.

Over time, my travel addiction has grown ever deeper. So much so, that I eventually capitulated to its charms, and as Victor Kiam said, “I bought the business”. And as a travel business owner, I now get to do what I love best as my job. Difficult, eh?

So what can you expect from our journey together? Trip reports, of course, both current and from the rich vein of travelling history. Interesting snippets from the world of travel. And hopefully some laughs along the way, as travelling brings out the best and worst in humankind, myself included.

As the lovely captain of the Queen Mary 2 once said:

“Please return your seats to an upright position and stow your tray tables for departure.”

Happy journeys,

Blog header: Ghent, Belgium 2012. A random offering at the canalside by an Iggy Pop fan.


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