Trending 2013: Where the experts think you’re heading this year

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At this stage in the year, the travel industry has finished inspecting its collective navel, and the hot destinations for 2013 have been cogitated, digested and published.

Here are some of the likely hot spots for the year:

Exotic Destinations

  • the Far East is tipped for travel growth, with Myanmar/Burma and Cambodia top of the list.  River cruising is also expected to be a big hit.  Myanmar is getting some 50 new hotels, so you may want to get in ahead of the rush.
  • Sri Lanka will get a new British Airways route in April, and is also likely to see increased traveller numbers.
  • Assume the position!  Gangnam Style has opened the way to increased interest in Seoul.  British Airways has a new route, and the Post Office reports an increase in demand for the Korean won which is up 34% over last year

Heading South

  • Google reports that the most searched for travel destination in 2012 was Rio, with Brazil itself hotly trailing in third place.  With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, we’re set to be testing out some hot samba moves.
  • Ecuador gets a new Quito airport in 2013, making the gateway to the Galapagos Islands even more accessible.

Already Loved

  • ABTA says that in times of economic uncertainty “many people put their faith in what they know best”.  
  • Greece and Turkey will continue to be popular destinations, alongside Spain (the most popular choice for Brits in 2012) and France.  The port city of Marseille is one of two capitals of culture in 2013, the other being Kosice in Slovakia.

Life on the Ocean Wave

  • The all inclusive nature of cruising appeals to the ongoing focus on value for money. Penny Guy from the Passenger Services Agency says: ‘The popularity of cruise holidays comes from the sheer diversity of cruise itineraries, the ships themselves, the style of cruising and the unrivalled value for money.’
  • An estimated 1.76 million people are expected to cruise, with the most popular destinations remaining the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caribbean.

We’ll do it our way

  • In 2013, expect more bespoke and personalised tours (great news for us, because we love putting them together).  
  • There will be greener options in travel, from shared transportation services (London gets its first fleet of hybrid taxis and New York City takes on 10,000 bikes for hire in 2013) to sustainable excursions that support local communities.
  • We get wifi on long flights – yay!
  • We may love the staycation, but we still yearn for some guaranteed sun, and that will get us on the move.

One thought on “Trending 2013: Where the experts think you’re heading this year

  1. I do hope Costa Rica is on every un-cool destination list. Tired of gringos breaking Imperial bottles on the beach. Night walks are getting a bit dangerous. Glad I am hooked up with you and your blog…I like to travel, and I don’t like tourists. Too bad to hear about Ecuador…my friends there were planning a travel intervention, since I keep promising a visit that hasn’t been realized yet. Small town though – may be worth it.

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