Travel Snippets: Travel Firsts

  • the first motorway – May 1921 – was the German autobahn (it took Kraftwerk longer to get in on the act)
  • the first UK buffet car on the railway wa on the LMS train service from London to Nottingham in 1932
  • the first motorised coach trip went from Paris to Aix-les-Bains over six days in 1898
  • the first duty free shop opened at Shannon airport in 1947, selling neither tobacco nor alcohol.

2 thoughts on “Travel Snippets: Travel Firsts

  1. Fun factotum. I have a news article from a 1901 Chicago newspaper decrying the killing of a pedestrian by a automobile, followed by a call for banning the “toys of the wealthy.” If there had been a hay and oats cartel as powerful as the oil cartel, would cars ever been able to replace horse and buggy?

  2. It’s really such a short time window for the power of the automobile. My nan used horse drawn trams and my mum remembers only the local doctor having a car in her childhood. Not sure I’ve got the grazing space for a horse here, although it would certainly be easier to “drive” up the side of the house and park…

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