Travelogue: Catherine’s Palace, St Petersburg, Russia


Despite the obvious grandeur of the place, there’s something very human about the scale of the rooms at Catherine’s Palace.  If ever a palace could be described as cozy, this is the one.  I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


*Loved* that clear cerulean blue paintwork.

Mobile 220912 020

And the blue ceramic stoves in each room.  Apparently this was the height of fashion, and the Dutch were kept well occupied with orders to create these giant stoves.


Peter the Great liked the odd poster wall in his crib.


And clearly needed many servants to maintain the floors.


We did our best to help, wearing our fetching blue smurf slippers…


Although fortunately we weren’t called upon to adopt the fashions of the day.  Imagine trying to take a seat (or three) in that dress.  Even doorways could be a challenge.



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