Cruise News: Passenger numbers up 10%

The Passenger Shipping Association (PSA) has been crunching its numbers, and came up with the news that more than 1.7 million Brits took a holiday at sea last year, and more than half of those went on two cruises.  Nearly 400,000 of you booked three or more voyages (ahem…yes, guilty, but then it’s my job).  Cruising accounts for one in eight overseas holidays.

After a record breaking 2012, a million cruise holidays are expected to sail from British ports in 2013.  Passenger numbers increased by 10% last year, despite the continuing recession.  The highest growth was from the port of Southampton, but Dover and most recently Portsmouth have also seen growth.  The ultra-luxury holiday sector also grew by 10%.

The most popular destination is the Med, with 698,000 British visitors.  There was a 29 per cent growth in numbers to Northern Europe to 443,000, with nearly half of those sailing to the Norwegian fjords.

Mobile 220912 079

Celebrity Eclipse ex Southampton to the Baltics

mobile 13nov12 132

Marco Polo ex Tilbury to Antwerp


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