Cruise Quirks: Crossing the Equator Ceremony

From YouTube, here’s the crossing the equator ceremony on the Celebrity Millennium.  I didn’t realise that there were other clubs at sea to join.  The navy has a number of classifications:

  • Top Secret Shellbacks – for submariners having crossed the equator at a classified degree of longitude
  • The Order of the Blue Nose for crossing the Arctic Circle
  • The Order of the Red Nose for crossing the Antarctic Circle
  • The Order of the Golden Dragon for crossing the International Date Line
  • The Order of the Ditch for passing through the Panama Canal
  • The Order of the Rock for transiting the Strait of Gibraltar
  • The Safari to Suez for passing through the Suez Canal
  • The Golden Shellback for crossing the meeting point of the Equator and the International Date Line
  • The Emerald Shellback or Royal Diamond Shellback for sailors who cross at 0 degrees off the coast of West Africa, where the equator crosses the prime meridian
  • The Realm of the Czars for sailors who cross into the Black Sea
  • The Order of Magellan for circumnavigators
  • The Order of the Lakes for those who have sailed on all five Great Lakes

One thought on “Cruise Quirks: Crossing the Equator Ceremony

  1. The lives of sailors used to be so wretched, I think they came up with all these traditons about crossing imaginary lines to gain some way to make themselves feel better about the endless hard work and monotony of the profession. Impressment…wonder why that had to be done all the time? Took the Alaska Ferry once, and all the tourists were trying to get me to sign their cards to get a “Walrus Award” for something.

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