Travel Snippets: Only in London

would you find streets with such wonderfully odd names as:

  • Dirty Lane
  • Tripe Alley
  • Pickled Egg Walk
  • Crooked Usage
  • Bellestaines Pleasuance
  • Man in Moon Passage
  • Quaggy Walk
  • Coldbath Square
  • French Ordinary Court
  • Lambs Conduit Street
  • Little Britain
  • Kitcat Terrace
  • The Bleeding Heart Yard

3 thoughts on “Travel Snippets: Only in London

  1. So glad you posted this. I remember seeing so many amusing names of streets in Brit Cities. Old city in Europe, and some in the states, seem to have them…named after some long forgotten activity that was carried out there. Seattle used to have Skid Row, where they skidded tree trunks to the bay to be taken to mills. Now it’s renamed, a common term for places where drunks and other ne’er-do-wells hang, and a bad hair band. Where I live now there are no street names, except the ones people make up, such as Dengue Alley, for a Dengue Fever outbreak.

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