Happy Easter from the Giant Rabbit

No real prizes for guessing where this one was taken. 😉


A Swiss Easter Bunny Prowls The Streets of Ghent

We were waiting for a tram back to the hotel when this delightful creature appeared in the street, causing me to fumble around with my camera and clip his ears rather painfully in the one picture I can now find.  Fortunately I was unable to check whether he was really made of chocolate,  as I might have insisted he come back home with us.

So whether or not you are celebrating Easter, have happy holidays.  And may the Giant Easter Chocolate Rabbit be with you!

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter from the Giant Rabbit

  1. Hate to be a party-pooper, but so glad Semana de Santa is over. Fun and all, but the tourists made their Exodus last night, after mauling my beach…mass on the beach…rock concert on the beach…M-80s in every garbage can…and not the beach clubs stop selling bevvies. Not my idea of the idyllic. Wish they could have all gone to Ghent and tore into a truck load of chocolate bunny – and everybody eats ears first, except those who bit tails first…and we don’t want to encourage them.

    • Sorry that people have been messing with your beach – we should all tread lightly on the world, eh?

      Because I know you two visit here often, thought I should just update you quickly. If I seem uncharacteristically silent, it’s because my mum’s really poorly in intensive care…hanging on in there, but it’s touch and go. All days are a bonus, but then I believe that every day. It’s dawning a beautiful sunny day here, and the blackbird is starting his usual morning serenade. Will update when I can.

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